1. Cloud Pricing

No brainer.

Because CargoASP CMS/CRM is 100% cloud-based technology, you benefit from the simplest pricing plan there is - pay as you go. For one low monthly fee of $999, you get global access for your company with up to 20 unique users per account. That's under $2 per day per user.

2. Simplicity

Kiss complexity goodbye.

CargoASP relieves your Microsoft Excel headaches by replacing the spreadsheet with a highly intuitive database seamlessly integrated with a customer quoting function and email integration. Entering and updating contracts, creating and sending quotes is so easy you want to do it yourself. No tricks or gimmicks - just the latest cloud technology leveraging by sound business logic from experts that really know the business.

3. Accuracy

Never misquote a customer again.

Wouldn't it be nice to know for sure that you are sending accurate quotes to customers every time? Of course it would. QuoteBuilder allows you to drag and drop rates from your contract list and build accurate custom quotes in seconds, while tracking the status of each quote and customer history. CRM for freight is here.

4. Visibility

You can't manage what you can't see.

CargoASP will give you total visibility into all contracts with every carrier, including surcharges and a changes history over time. Eliminate the possibility for double data entry and greatly reduce the risk of data errors. View the status of all quotes and quote requests and give access to rates and quotes across your entire organization. The cloud makes it possible and affordable.

5. Report/Audit

Analyze the past and predict the future.

CargoASP members can view an entire history of their contract rates, surcharge changes and customers quotes to create management reports for detailed analysis and business planning. In addition, the finance department can use reports to help audit freight bills from carriers. Never bill less or pay more than you should ever again.

6. Community

Immediate savings and lasting value.

Our community approach to CargoASP membership allows us to focus on the specific needs of the freight management industry without distraction. The savings we deliver for our members today sets the foundation for greater value creation in the future as we continually develop new solutions and enhancements. Come along for the ride.