1. CargoASP CMS

The easiest way to manage your contracts

CargoASP's freight contract management system integrates the latest cloud-based web technology with the industry's most intuitive business logic to give freight forwarders, NVOCCs and shipper associations ultimate control and visibility over the most important part of their business. The intuitive user interface and Rate/Quote Builder engines greatly simplify the process of entering and updating contracts, rates, surcharges and quotes.

2. CargoASP CRM

Improve customer service and responsiveness

Sitting on top of CargoASP's contract management system is one of the industry's most powerful customer relationship management tools. Allow your customers to send RFQs and receive quotes using CargoASP at no charge as part of your membership. Track the status of every quote and archive all customer transactions and communications. Let your staff access customer history and share notes regarding ongoing business in real-time.

3. Rate Builder

Power under the hood

RateBuilder is the engine driving CargoASP's contract management system. It makes entering, updating and retrieving rates and surcharges so easy you want to do it yourself. You can perform mass rate updates using RateBuilder's integrated business logic. Calculate accurate rates for any date in the past, present or future. View a full history of rates and surcharges by start and end date, and use advanced search and filtering to quickly find the best rate for any route on any given day.

4. Quote Builder

Error free quotes in seconds.

What good are accurate rates without accurate quotes? None at all. That's why CargoASP has developed the quickest and easiest tool for our members to send timely, accurate quotes to customers. QuoteBuilder allows you to drag and drop rates from your contract list and build accurate custom quotes in seconds. You can send multiple quotes to a customer in one email. Track the status of each quote or view a full history by account.

5. Rate/Booking Requests

Carrier collaboration.

CargoASP allows members to collaborate online with carrier partners as well as customers. Send Rate Quote Requests to carriers via built-in email integration and track a history of all requests sent to and rates received from your carriers. Once customer quotes have been approved, you can send booking requests to carriers and track the status in CargoASP.

6. Mobile App

Accuracy on the go.

To keep sales people in sync on the road, CargoASP offers a free Mobile App to ensure always accurate quoting. Members provide sales staff customized access via smartphone or computer to quotes and transaction history by assigned account, easily configured via the CargoASP admin dashboard.

7. Trade Dictionary

On the same page.

CargoASP has integrated an international trade dictionary into every application, making rate entry and contract management even easier. The dictionary uses standard UN/LOCODEs and a U.S. zip code database to simplify origin/destination pairing and auto entry of rate fields. Members can customize their dictionary by adding contract commodity descriptions and other account specific information.

8. Central Administration

Command and control.

CargoASP's admin dashboard allows members to customize access to their account. Sales people can be configured to access only sell-side rates quotes. Users can be added for contract management and quote building. Customers can be invited to join CargoASP for real-time collaboration, as well as carriers for rate and booking requests.

9. Online Support

There when you need us.

CargoASP offers full online support with 24/7/365 live chat availability. We also have developed a comprehensive library of video tutorials to guide members through every aspect of the system.

10. Customer Access

Share success.

Your customers (unlimited) will get their own window in the cloud to send RFQs and receive quotes using CargoASP at no charge. They can track the status of every quote and archive all communications... and so can you.